Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

Zephyr Nova

Zephyr Nova. -

Das scheint auf den ersten Blick etwas fremdes, eigenartiges zu bezeichnen.
Zephyr stammt aus der griechischen Mythologie und verkörpert den Windgott, - Nova ist ein kosmischer Begriff;

Hinter diesem Psyeudonym steckt ein 28 jähriger Kanadier, der an energischer und tiefgängiger elektronischer Musik arbeitet.

Sein erstes Werk "Shatterscapes", welches am 7. März auf eViVe Records erschienen ist, nimmt den Hörer auf eine abwechlungsreiche und spannende Klangreise mit, welche durch die experimentelle Percussion geleitet wird. 
Hier kommen eingängige Melodien und die Experiementierfreude zusammen. Diese Freude bleibt dem Konsumenten nicht vorenhalten, sie erreicht ihn.

Text: Francesca Pohl

Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

MOTORAMA interview.

1-  From the idea to implementation. What were the temporal dimensions until you started to make music?

We were studying in schools and universities. We were reading magazines, watching movies, listening to different music and travelling with our parents. We were pretty lazy kids with lots of thoughts about bands, clothes, sounds and gigs. Then we started a band.

2- How would you describe the sound of your current debut LP „Alps“?

It’s compact, minimal, bright and weird.

3- What thought is behind offering to download the LP for free?

We think it’s normal that a person can download our tunes for free. We can earn money with the help of gigs or memorabilia stuff, no need to sell what you can find easily if you dig internet a little bit. We don’t’ want to look stupid in this case.

4- “ View a human accurate enough, then you know more about him than he by himself.” - Hermann Hesse, Demian This is a quote from the famous German Author Hermann Hesse from the book “Demian”(1919). In relation to this, I would like to know how you would make a connection from this citation to the audience at a concert. Would you say you can learn a lot about the people considered the only way they are?

We don’t. Sometimes you think you can, but you should be careful with this feeling. 

5- Do you have any rituals before playing a gig?

No. But we are nervous if our favorite birds are off stage.  

6- Are there moments where a certain effect of certain music suddenly changes for you?

Yes, it comes when you are full of this certain effect, you have no more emotions and the power of the music is lost. 

7- Do you think that art and music influence each other greatly?

Yes we do, inspiration is everywhere. From clothes and films to fanzines and old buildings. And all this things are connected. 

8- If so, is there a special piece of art which motivated you to write a song or to try out some melodies?

Movies are great source of inspiration. It can motivate a lot. 

9- Bear/Lantern/Seagulls/Pine/Budapest- Things/places of inspiration?

Nature is inspiration. No specifically meanings of all this names. It’s all about the atmosphere and word energetics. 

10- What do you say to the topic „ Identity embossing”?

When you start a band, It’s hard to avoid being similar to your favorite bands. You must be smart or genius to do something outstanding from the first step. 

11- Your goals?

To be true to ourselves and to our listeners. And of course great crowd of zoologists on our gig somewhere in Berlin

12- Do you think you can differentiate between capitalist oriented music and music for music’s sake?

Maybe we can, maybe we can’t. Don’t know, we are tiny little band. Something prompts me that we are not capitalist aligned band.  It’s hard to answer such epic questions. Are The National capitalist oriented music? 

13- It would be interesting to know how the film and TV industry of western world has affected the Russian avant-garde in the last 15 years... because the west had indeed incredibly benefits just in film music and onomatopoeia by the Russians of the first half of last century. So is there also at some point a back thrust effect?

One day Russia will be great US copy. We got lots of things in mass media sector which are total copies of US stuff. From serials and tv programs to web sites and movies with boundless budgets. The same things in music. Rostov-on-don (where we live) is Hip-Hop capital of Russia. We have no place to hide of it.

Interview: Flavia Lamprecht

Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

SEEFEEL interview.

I.          Seefeel, can you describe what kind of development you see in the music industry and how it feels to notice it?
The impact of the web has changed the industry almost beyond recognition, It seems to be a good thing not to be controlled by so many multinational companies and power-wielding executives..  File-sharing is just a hi-tech bulk version of making mixtapes, and as an artist it always was a problem getting paid..  Having said that, Warp records are still operating as an Indie label, 
albeit a much larger operation than whan we first worked with them.

II.            How far it is important for you to go a new way or to stay true to your own style?
Both are very important!  We're fiercely proud of our style, and hope we've succeeded in bringing it into the 21st century..

III.          From the album (Ch-Vox) (1996) on Rephlex to your EP Faults (2010) on Warp Records is a time of almost 14 years –
         last published your album Seefeel this year. Which importance had the long interruption for your rebirth?
We never intended to leave such a long gap, indeed we may never have reformed at all..  We were surprised and flattered that there was so much interest in us on the web (having a 'googlable' name helped!) and I'm sure that went some way to convincing us it was worth trying to work together again.  I think the most important thing is that we have 'grown up' personally - I feel far better equipped to deal with the stresses of being in a band having had a few years out in the 'real world'..

IV.           How can we imagine the meantime? – You have worked on several different projects. Were these routes far from Seefeel?
I think the things I've been involved in have been musically very different from Seefeel but it all informs the way I work - it has felt somewhat like 'coming home' to do Seefeel again, and I feel much more confident performing live.

V.            The constellation has also changed.
Yes!  E-da and Shige have added vital new supernovae to the arrangement!  Not sure what that means astrologically..!

VI.          Your album Seefeel has definitely a stunning effect and convinced with massive tunes and a captivating atmosphere.
Thank you!  We're very pleased with it and with the reaction so far..

VII.        Global is a lot happening this year. The label you’re on, Warp Records, shows a lot of engagement and supported by a reaction with Japan T-shirts, called “Japan Tsunami Fundraising Warp T-shirt” – 100% of the price were donated. Do you have / had in particular also plans for a project of this type?
We were meant to be playing at the Sonar Festival in Tokyo at the beginning of April but decided not to go - we haven't really discussed it but I think we would like to do something to help raise money.

VIII.      How is your attitude to the political mistakes and indecision?
Not sure what you mean by this, politics in the wider world or within the band?  We're not the most organised band in the world and indecision is a problem for us in most things except the music!

IX.          A forecast for the future?
Festivals and a US tour in the summer, then get on with recording the next album!

Interview: Flavia Lamprecht

Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012


All Plastic Now ist eine junge, vierköpfige Band aus Hamburg, die eine eigene, interessante Interpretation von Indie und Electronic liefert. - Experimentelle Percussion begleitet von einem Komplex aus Synthesizer, Bass und Gitarre, welche an die Battles erinnern lässt, sind das Ergebnis. An einigen Stellen wird die größtenteils instrumental gehaltene Musik von minimalistischem Gesang unterstichen, was dem ganzen noch mehr Atmosphäre zu gute kommen lässt. 

Im Oktober letzten Jahres erschien die Debüt EP„Out of Step“, 
auf der 7 Tracks zu finden sind. – eine hörenswerte erste Platte.
An weiterem Material wird bereits fleißig gearbeitet. Man darf also gespannt sein. 

Am Dienstag, den 22.2. werden All Plastic Now 
im Rahmen von ill im Turmzimmer im Uebel & Gefährlich auftreten.

Text: Francesca Pohl